Who are Red Letter Greetings?

Red Letter Greetings is in the business of providing high-end electronic greeting card (e-card) services worldwide. Our membership is based upon a very low annual subscription which entitles you to send as many e-cards as you like for the duration of your membership - what a deal!

What is unique about Red Letter Greetings?

Quality! You'll soon see that the quality of our e-card images is truly outstanding. That's because we scour the world to partner with dozens of outstanding artists in a wide range of genres to use their portfolios for our e-cards.

What does Red Letter Greetings' service cost?

That depends upon where you live. In the USA the annual fee is $15, in the UK it is £10 and in the Eurozone it is €15 - and that's for unlimited usage for a whole year, so send as many as you like!

Can Red Letter Greetings remind me of upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and so forth?

Yes, of course we can! We keep track of all these occasions and send you a timely reminder. We'll even alert you if you try to send someone the same e-card twice.

How will I know if my e-card recipient has actually seen my e-card?

You can setup your account so that we'll send you an e-mail when your recipient actually opens your e-card.

What about my privacy? Do you sell my e-mail address to junk e-mailers?

Absolutely not! We keep all your private information as it should be - strictly private! See our Privacy Policy for more details.

Does Red Letter Greetings offer conventional printed cards?

No we don't, but many of our partner artists do - as well as a wide range of other related merchandise including framed prints etc.. Each of these artists has a profile page on our website with links to their websites.

What if there is a problem of some kind? How can I get it resolved?

We take customer satisfaction very seriously. You are at the core of our business and without you, Red Letter Greetings could not exist. If you have any issues or concerns, please don't hesitate to use our 'Contact Us' option at the foot of the home page. You'll get a positive helpful response within 24 hours max - and often much faster than that.

Why doesn't Red Letter Greetings's service work properly on my system?

Red Letter Greetings's system has been optimized to work properly in all the recent versions of popular mainstream browsers on PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones. Older systems such as versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer prior to version nine may not function properly.

Is my credit card information safe with Red Letter Greetings?

Absolutely! We take the security of your credit card information very seriously - so much so that we don't even keep it on file on our servers. Instead this data is solely stored by our credit card processor on their servers under the most stringent industry standard security measures possible. So rest easy - your credit card information is completely secured.

When viewing an e-card on my smartphone it asks me to rotate my phone to landscape mode but when I do that, nothing happens. What's the problem?

The problem is probably that you've got your smartphone's orientation locked in portrait mode. Just unlock it and everything will work as it should!

When I sent my Red Letter Greetings e-card I asked to be notified when it is opened by the recipient, but I've heard nothing so far - what's happening?

There are various possibilities amongst which are:
1. It's quite possible that it actually hasn’t been opened yet. You can check that by looking up your e-card up in the 'Sent E-Cards' section of your Account. There you'll also find an option to resend it.
2. The notification e-mail sent to the recipient could be trapped in their spam filter.
3. Is it possible that you have got their e-mail address wrong?
4. If some inappropriate language was in your message, it might have been blocked somewhere along the line.

I’ve signed up for your 60 day trial period, but I’ve changed my mind and I want to cancel – how can I do that?

We’re really sorry to see you go but if you must cancel, here’s how – it’s easy! On our homepage while you’re logged in just click on the ‘Account’ option. This will cause the display of your Dashboard. Then just click on the ‘My Account’ option in the top right corner. Now you’ll see a green ‘Cancel my account’ button – just click on it and the confirmation that follows and that’s it done!


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