In 2012 we noticed that there were many electronic greeting card (e-card) sites around, but none of them seemed to do everything people were looking for - in fact most were rather basic.  So we decided that the only way for everyone to find what they’re really looking for was to build our own e-card website.  A website that offers high-end designer e-cards at an incredibly low cost, but with a range of complimentary services and features to make it THE ‘one-stop’ service in the greetings business.

All this took several years to get right and today we provide electronic greeting card services using artwork by professional greeting card designers from around the world - and we do it at the low cost that we were always adamant about.  For much less than what you've probably got in your pocket right now you can sign up for a full year's membership which entitles you to send as many e-cards as you wish.  That's right - send a thousand or more e-cards during your membership year and it costs you not a penny more.

So what does that “range of complimentary services and features” that we insisted upon include?  Firstly you can schedule your e-cards to be delivered on any date that you choose, so you won't overlook Uncle Joe's birthday ever again - we can send you a reminder to make sure that you don’t!  Do you want to sing happy birthday to him?  We've got that covered too.  You can include your own short video in your ecard doing just that - it's an e-card industry first.  We even keep track of which e-cards you’ve already sent to whom.  Why?  We’ll nudge you if you sent Uncle Joe that same e-card last year – that’s a faux pas avoided!

At Red Letter Greetings we like to think that we’ve covered all your needs, but we’re fanatics about listening to our Members.  We want to hear from you about anything that’s on your mind relating to our services.  It’s nice to hear what we’re doing right but even more so, we want to know where we can improve.  We want to you to feel that you’re part of the ultimate in electronic greeting card services - and with your involvement we can make sure all your greetings needs are catered for.


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